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Export Wholesale Price *Sundried Figs of Kymi PDO, Greek Premium Product Exporting Internationally

For Export ! Sundried Figs of Kymi PDO, Greek Premium Product Exporting Internationally

The Company Deli Carpous has been certified by the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food, concerning the procedures and requirements for the trading of the unique treasure of the Greek Soil "Kymi's Dried Figs" , which bear the official sign-marking PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) No. POG / 3034-15776.16 certificate.
Kymi's Dried Figs and its pan-European recognition, is not fortuitous. This is a special variety with the special nutritional characteristics with a unique flavor which thrives within Kymi’s microclimate in Evia. This is why it has been classified as a PDO product.
Deli Carpous only selects producers that follow the standards of natural drying (by sunlight), processing and storage, as defined by the Ministry.
The unique sun drying treatment of the Kymi's figs is done by the process of askadas, i.e. the fig is torn and opened in the middle. This achieves the proper drying and control of each fruit separately

Then follows the "marriage", where two identical in size dried figs are joined together, thereby sealing the myeloma and their sweetness.

Deli Carpous , harmonized with the Greek and European Legislation, follows all the stages of standardization, control, sorting and packaging.

Our Company, to ensure and demonstrate the superior quality of this unique flavor Treasure, packs the product in technologically advanced food packaging that seal vacuum, to intact preserve all the nutrients and natural flavors up to the moment of its consumption.

Kymi's Dried figs PDO of Deli Carpous are available in packs of 330gr in retail while wholesale packaging, is available in a 10x330gr carton box.



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